Croisillat Castle, France

Selfie Anais with Julie & SteveJulie left France in search of adventure in New Zealand. While looking for a flat in Auckland, she met a charming kiwi, Steve. He couldn’t resist her cute French accent and they fell deeply in love. That was four years ago, and they haven’t left each other’s side since.

They got married on the 8th of July 2015 in the enchanting Castle of Croisillat (South West of France), where they had an authentic French wedding. While Julie was getting ready, her fiancé had a Greenstone necklace delivered to her room. The surprise got tears flowing, setting the day up for one charged with emotions.

The ceremony in the castle garden was very moving. They exchanged vows in the witness of their closest family and friends. To symbolise the union of this multicultural love, they mixed black sand from New Zealand with white sand from France in a jar.

The married couple then walked to the cocktail party holding hands, under applause, laughter and a rain of rose petals. What a blast! The dinner was held in the main room of the castle.

The bride and groom had some beautiful surprises for their guests: a giant Connect Four game, a Photo Booth, some personalised gift boxes, and finally, Traditional Thailand lanterns launched in the sky, to bring their best wishes to life.

After a delicious meal and touching speeches, the newly wed husband and wife opened the ball with an engaging dance.

A magical finish to an enchanted wedding. Bisous Julie et Steve!

Make up artist : Sissou Severine Andres

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